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Military Transceiver


Not Testing


20-52 MHz, FM, DC 26V


30-69.95 MHz, FM, DC 12V, 1.4W, 50 kHz step
Not Testing.


2-12 MHz, LSB, CW, 3-5 W, 12V DC
RX I Testit OK
TX I no Testit

Not Sale


Only R-173 Simulator.
New but and good Work
220 V AC Function.


Not Information.


Receiver: R-4-1
Transceiver: RM-31 (MB 31-50)
Transmitter: RS 41-1

The Receiver, the Transmitter and the Transceiver is no complette in side and no work.


20-52 MHz, FM, 1W, 2x2.4V DC
RX Work
TX I No Testit


1.5 .. 20 MHz, 6-8W, FM, CW, SSB, 2x12V DC.
Not sale


36-46 MHz, 1W, 2x 2.4V DC.
Click the Pictures.
Russen and Germany versions.
I no testit.


46.150 MHz, FM, 1W, 12V DC.
I not testit.


1.5-4.25 MHz, CW, AM, 20W, 2x2.4V DC and 12V DC.
I no Testit.


20-22.375 MHz, FM, ~15W, 27V DC.

(T-55 Tank radio, 1957-61)

I have not cable and I no Testit.


20-52 MHz, FM, 40W, 27V DC.
I have original M series box system


It was the Videoton company masterpiece, the predecessor of the rim Wheel 0 Series RTR-200 it has a digital display/touch-tone verison, this newer and improved version of the R-1340 and CM-101. Hungary also has it, but most of India, Líbya, Syria and Sweden, it was the SRT remote control transmitter power amplifiers are used in a large majority.
1.5-30 MHz, LSB, USB, CW, AM, FM, RTTY...etc. 100W, 26V DC, smal frequency step, memory.
Fully-solid state, there are several possibilities that the device is an external remote control. Working order, but synthesizer is flawed because ~100 kHz with more shows the actual frequency.
No sale


20-52 MHz, FM max 100 W, 26V DC.


1.5-10.999 MHz, FM, AM, CW, LSB (only RX), USB, max 100 W, 26V DC.

For sale the antenna tuner
For sale the original R-130 Power Supply
For sale the R-130 dummy Load

the AD-200 and the R-130 is not sale


The R106 radio man packs cover the frequencies 41.6 to 48.65 Mhz and use AM. They saw service from 1956 t0 1962 and were then replaced by the R105 series. They are well constructed and use a bakelite case. The set is powered by two Rechargeable 1.2v batteries strapped together to make a 2.4v pack. The set has the standard spine type Kulikov collapsable antenna for normal use and a large wire herring bone antenna for greater distance. The set uses valve technology and produces around 0.75 watts. Both a phone type handset and a headphone and microphone combination are available for this unit.

I no Testit, and this is not sale


36-46 MHz, FM, ~4 W, 2x 2.4 V DC

I no testit


2.8-4.99 MHz, AM, CW, 27 V DC.
I have only radio and not power supply and not cable.
I no testit


52-60 MHz, FM, 2x 2.4 V DC, 1 W.

No Sale


Radio System

VHF 60-69,675 MHz, FM
UHF 390-420 MHz, FM

I no Testit
No Sale


RR 300, - Tactical radio-relay station
The MRRS 300/1600 stations are intended for digital radio-relay links in tactical networks in frequency ranges NATO l (225 - 400 MHz) and NATO lll (1350 - 1850 MHz) with data rates according to EUROCOM (256, 512, 1024 kbps) and ITU/T (2048 kbps) Recommendations. The stations are easily operated by a built-in keypad and display or over Network management system. Electronic counter measures include adaptive power control (APC), frequency agility and further features. The stations are equipped with engineering order wire and further servis channels.

Due to the compact, modular and rugged mechanical construction and state of the art components and technologies implementation, high reliability and low life cycle cost are achieved.

I have no cable, and i no testit.


1.5-12 MHz, AM, SSB, CW, 220 V AC. Transmitter

R-105M VHF Transceiver
R-326 HF Receiver
ML-R-154-2M Receiver

CTA-57 RTTY Machine...

Not Sale this Stations.


30-80 MHz, 15 Channel, FM, 0.2W, 12V DC, Simlex & Duplex.
I have only the Radio (R-1264).
I no testit


28-36.5 MHz, FM, 1W, 2x 2.4V DC.
Russen versions and Germany versions.
I no testit.


21.5-28.5 MHz, FM, 1W, 2x 2.4V DC.
I no testit


R-134 HF Transceiver
Radio does include some advanced components, like auto tuner, power supply, etc. It is. for vehicle use. It is synthesized powerful transceiver about 50 Watts, 1-30 MHz.
New, but I no testit.

I have 1pc Poland system, this is the Photo.


This device was manufactured by the Standard (BHG) company between 1948-1952. Specifically back by radio.
20-32 MHz FM.

The range of adjustment device station is equipped with a 50 kHz measurement. The tax of 4 pipe, a 0.8-watt amplifier and 3A4. Botantennával 3-5 km, the optical sight alignment can be many times too. The R-10 equipment at distances up to 2 kilometers distance-talked into it LB is a phone connected to the device manager and the R-10 will replace the device transmitting or receiving. Power supply: 1.5V battery and 90/150V.

Not sale


The Telephone Factory made ​​this unit between 1948-1952.

1.5-5 MHz, CW, AM mode, with battery operated (battery anode and heating).

Backpacks radio taken.

Modern radio for its time. Reliable and easy to use device. The range includes calibrated as 1 MHz, 50 kHz spacing lot of reading accuracy +/- 3 kHz. Telegraph and telephone mode to use, the transmitter output power of 0.8 watts. Can be up to 50 km distance botantennával 5-10 km dipole antenna CW mode. Power Source: 1.5V battery heater, 90 / 150V anódtelep. The receiver tubes 90 V to 150 V voltage transmitter tubes require. In the late 50s decommissioned R-10 and R-20 units were withdrawn from which the MHS (Hungarian Defense Sport Federation) received. Then the radio started organizing clubs in schools in the so-called R-20 study groups, R-20 courses. These devices have been reported at the time as "high-tech" in the clubs because they were not serial transceivers.


R-118BM radio station is a two-channel, R-118B is a single channel.


The frequency range of 1 to 7.5 MHz, divided into three sub-areas:
- I sub-ranges of 1-2 MHz at 1 kHz (ie frequencies .. 1000);
- II. Part 2 MHz ranges of 2-4 kHz (ie frequencies .. 1000);
- III. sub-ranges from 4 to 7.5 MHz (frequency tj.875).

Modes of operation:
a) in the vehicle:
- Non-modulated CW (AI)
- Amplitude-modulated telephony (A3)
- Single-channel frequency modulated CW (Florida), two-channel (F6)
- Frequency-modulated CW telex (Florida), one-sided intermittently
- Frequency-modulated CW telex (Florida), simplex, without interruption,
- Two-channel frequency modulated CW (F6) is a channel-led operation mode, and the second telex,
- Frequency Modulated CW (Florida) or (F6) and amplitude-modulated telephony (A3).
- Unilateral or rebroadcast traffic Fl F6 with the possibility of one channel to control the operation of the local telex TTY (teletype machines or vehicles);
b) the telex station:
- Frequency-modulated CW telex (Florida), simplex interruption
- Frequency-modulated CW telex (Florida) or (F6), by induction simplex operation telex exchange
- Frequency-modulated CW telex (Florida) or (F6) duplex operation;
c) the remote control box:
- Non-modulated CW (AI) to a distance of 3 km,
- Amplitude-modulated telephony (A3), a distance of 3 km;
d) during driving:
- Amplitude-modulated telephony (A3)
- Non-modulated CW (AI)
- Frequency-modulated CW telex (Florida).
Radio station R-118B can be controlled remotely by radio station R-105D kit remote control operation or A3.

not sale


45,6 ... 47,075 MHz, FM, 60 shannel, 25 kHz step, 500 mW output power, 12 V DC.
I no Testit.


1.5-30 MHz, LSB, USB, CW, AM, FM, RTTY.... Max 100W, 26V DC.


Original box, but the radio is not Testit


15 kHz-21 MHz.
No work


Lower band channel 400 to 519, 75.275 to 77.655 MHz
Upper band channel 400 to 519, 85.075 to 87.455 MHz

fm, 3/10W, 12V DC

I no Testit


Emergency transceiver, the Navy used these types. They produced multi-frequency version. They are manufactured until 1959-1995.
Subminiature tube structure.
0.1 W AM

Frequency can:

121.5 MHz
114 583 MHz
243 000 MHz


20-27.9 MHz, 47-54.4 MHz, FM, 24V DC, ~130kg.

I not Testit

Military Receiver


30 - 80 MHz, FM, 4 channel.
Not testing. (2 Type)
I have not Headphone, I have only 11 peace


The Volna-K is a Russian Navy HF receiver. It was intended as a maritime receiver for the Navy and for commercial shipping. It is a superheterodyne double conversion HF receiver, using 17 miniature valves, and 2 semi-conductor diodes. The valves have Russian numbers, but are equivalent to common American types. It can run off 110 or 220 volts AC, or 28 volts DC. It is intended to receive AM and CW signals down to 0.5 uV levels. The word "volna" translates to "wave". The frequency coverage is 12 kHz to 23 mHz in 9 bands, with gaps around the IF frequencies. There are 3 versions of the Volna-K, each with a slightly different frequency coverage. There is also Volna-P which is the version for submarines.
It was made in the Petropavlovsky Radio Factory, in Kirov, USSR. About 70,000 were made from 1959 to 1985 (this one is dated 1969). It was available in grey hammertone or green, with engraved legends. The Volna-K weighs 87 pounds. It is a development of the Melnik receiver from 1949, also made in the same factory. The word "melnik" translates to "flower". The Melnik has the same physical shape (taller than it is wider) with a very similar control layout, the obvious differences being the dial, the aerial input, and the speaker. The controls that are in the same position are, BFO select, IF gain, tuning, bandswitch, AF gain, meter switch, BFO note, and the meter. The Volna-K is also similar in size, function, construction, and weight, to the English B40 Navy receiver.


Not Sale


1-25 MHz, LSB, USB, CW, AM, 220V AC.


100 kHz-30 MHz, LSB, USB, CW, AM, 220V AC.
Work but no 100% ok

Not Sale


500 kHZ - 6 MHz, AM.

This radio staying long time in the Hungaryan Department of the interior.

This working the Spy interception Receiving.

Hungaryan Product, transistor system.

I have two version but the two radio is moment no full good work, many contact problem.


1.5-30 MHz, LSB, USB, CW, AM, 220V AC.


1.5-30 MHz, LSB, USB, CW, AM, 220V AC.

Moment no work


No work.
The normal box system radio is good work


1.5-30 MHz, AM, FM, CW, LSB, USB, RTTY
220 V AC.
No Sale


This was the primary receiver (person) medium-power radio stations for R-118B-Z and R-102MZ at. His successor was the R-154-2 (Molybdenum)

Primary quartz crystal oscillator is working on a heated thermostat ensures a constant temperature. To ensure that the terminal co-owned by the telegraph telegraph panels provide a variety of circumstances, many of the co-symmetry requirements and the size of the so-called signal. AC power.
electrical data

frequency range from 1.0 to 8.0 MHz

the range of 1-2 MHz
range 2-4 MHz
range 4-8 MHz

work with a fixed frequency of 1, 2 or 4 kHz (depending on model)
Or the level of the liquid
AND IF frequency

range of 225 kHz
range 578 kHz
1284 kHz range

II Intermediate frequency 128 kHz
frequency stability of about 1x10-6
resulting emissions
amplitude modulation A3
manipulation of amplitude A1
Single-channel frequency manipulation F1-250, F1-500
dual-channel frequency manipulation F6-250
The general work A3 + F1
receiver output
Hearing directly from A3, A1 signal equalizer in
auditory F1 and F6 - through acoustic manipulators
DC (pulse), the work of a two-channel
current value directly to the telex
the current value of the motor. "Punch" (e-mail interception during transmission)
the direction of the (pulse bipolar ± 60 V, ± 20 mA) name. "BODO"
The direction of the current so-called. "Punch" (e-mail interception during transmission)
reversal of the current signals
reversing the direction of the signals (signals "BODO")
receiver sensitivity of a few microvolts
AC 220V 50 Hz
AC 127V 50 Hz
battery into the battery (only thermostat generator 200 kHz)
172 kg


1-12 MHz, LSB, USB, CW, AM, FM, RTTY,
220 V AC.
M new series.
No sale


14 kHz-30 MHz, LSB, USB, CW, AM, FM, RTTY.


1-15 MHz, SSB, CW, AM, 2.5V DC.


30-75.999 MHz, FM, 27V DC.
RX Work.
I have no cable and no Speaker.


1.5-31.5 MHz, LSB, USB, CW, AM, 220V AC.
no work


30-80 MHz, FM, 15 channel, 12V DC.
original new box.
I no testit.


1.5-12.5 MHz, LSB, USB, CW, AM, 220V AC.
I have TX olso.


0.01-29.999 MHz, LSB, USB, CW, AM, FM, 24V DC és 220V AC.


100-425 MHz, SSB, CW, AM, FM, 12V DC, 220V AC.


RX Freq :

37 - 52 MHz, AM.

TX Freq :

38.80 MHz

Tesco 9V Battery Work


150 kHz to 7 MHz, LSB, USB, CW, AM, 220V AC.

Included a pair of tube power supply module and a semiconductor, because the original tube had not found him.
Beautiful machine in working order, new boxed.


0.01-29.999 MHz, LSB, USB, CW, AM, FM, 24V DC és 220V AC.
Work Ok



1.5-25.5 MHz, LSB, USB, CW, AM, 220V AC, 95kg

Work Ok

Light Gray is всф-240


Receiver SRT CR-90
Transmitter SRT TD-90



15-60 MHz, AM, FM, CW, SSB.
Good working


60-300 MHz, AM, FM, CW, SSB.
I not Testit, I have no cable


20-100 MHz, AM, FM, WFM, SSB, but CW, BFO not in side.
Moment not good work


20-100 MHz, AM, FM, WFM, SSB, CW, BFO is in side this Type.
Good work


1-20 MHz, AM, LSB, USB, CW.
good work


1.5-32 MHz, LSB, USB, CW, AM, FM. BFO is in side.
Good work


20-100 MHz, AM, FM, SSB, CW, 220V AC.

I not Testit


150-1500 kHz, AM, CW. 220V AC.
Good work


1.5-25.5 MHz, LSB, USB, CW, AM, 220V AC, 95kg

Work with normal glasse Tubes


1.5-26 MHz, LSB, USB, CW, AM, 220V AC.
Moment I have 3pc but not work Ok.


200-500 KHz
1.5-18 MHz.



1.5-22.5 MHz, SSB, CW, AM, 220V AC.
Work Ok


16.1-500 MHz, AM, FM, SSB, 220V AC.


125 kHz-20 MHz.
I not Testit.


1.5-18 MHz, LSB, USB, CW, AM, 115V 400 Hz.
work ok


Freqency range:
1. - 175-350 kHz
2. - 375-875 kHz
3. - 900 - 2150 kHz / 0,9-2,15 MHz
4. - 2,150-5,000 kHz / 2,15-5 MHz
5. - 5,000-1,2000 kHz / 5 MHz - 12 MHz

Airplain radio

I no Testit


1-12 MHz, LSB, USB, CW, AM, FM, RTTY,
220 V AC.

Work ok


60-300 MHz, AM, FM, CW, SSB.
I had no time for connecting a power supply cable to do it, so I could not test.


1-60 MHz, SSB, CW, AM.

Military Transmitter


1.5-15 MHz, CW/RTTY.
No 100% work.


VHF Frequency, military Airplane Marker Transmitter.
I no Testit


The device was attached to a small, one-foot diameter parachute.
You do not have to parachute.

FM mode, the transmitter operates from 44 to 50 MHz.
The device transmits a set frequency.
The scale, which can be read through a magnifying off at 50 kHz ranking.
The frequency with a protruding shaft and fastened.

The device uses two pieces of alkaline batteries.
The device model can not give.

There is no documentation about it.

The unit net weight: 2.8 kg


1.5-12.5 MHz, AM, SSB, CW. 220V AC.
I not Testit.


It is a C11 type, the Vietnamese army, but overall tax system in Australia is set.
Go deployed vehicles and fixed stations 2-18 MHz.
AM, CW, FSK. Low power 5-10W, higher performance, up to 50W in could exceed it. The system also included a power supply, an antenna adapter and the system overall there is not Russian R-210 receiver as well.
Not tested, there are no added accessories, good heavy.

Swl.: HA4023 | Call.: HA4ZU